PerformancePlus Pro - Annual Website Hosting Plan

This is our premium hosting package that offers the ultimate in speed, security, and scalability. PerformancePlus Pro uses Cloudflare Argo for smart routing, which optimizes the delivery of your website’s content for faster, more reliable performance. Cloudflare Argo is a network of private connections between Cloudflare’s global network and a growing number of major cloud providers, Internet service providers, and content delivery networks. By leveraging this network, PerformancePlus Pro can route your website’s traffic more efficiently and reduce latency, ensuring that your visitors have a fast and seamless experience.



$0.10 Per 1G

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StarterSite Basic - Annual Website Hosting Plan

This is our entry-level hosting package designed for small and starting websites. StarterSite Basic offers speed, security, and scalability to help ensure that …

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